The Art of Relaxation

The Art of Relaxation
Photo by Jared Rice / Unsplash

Day 14: Mastering Relaxation Techniques for Anxiety Relief"

We are almost halfway through the Advent of Anxiety and have arrived at the end of the second week. Over the past week, we have learned several positive habits to help alleviate and cope with anxiety.

It is 11 days till Christmas and one week from the year's shortest day. A lot of stress starts to build up at this of year. Final work demands of the year, seasonal preparations, parties and social gatherings all take their toll, and often, we will forget to take some time to focus on one of the core fundamentals - relaxing.

Relaxation isn't just a luxury; it's a vital component in managing anxiety and maintaining mental well-being.

Today, let's delve into two highly effective relaxation techniques: progressive muscle relaxation and warm bath relaxation.

"Relaxation is the key to success. If you can’t relax during your most intense moments, then you’ve already lost." - Diane Matkowski