Revealing Your Anxiety Story

Revealing Your Anxiety Story
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Day 24: Sharing Your Anxiety Journey with Family and Friends

As Christmas Eve envelops us in its festive warmth, it presents a unique opportunity to share something deeply personal with those we hold dear – our experiences with anxiety. This time of year, often marked by togetherness and reflection, can be the perfect moment to open up about our struggles and triumphs over anxiety.

This article's content is still essential, even if you read this on a different day. When my psychologist discharged me, one of the final exercises we did was to create a plan that involved family. So whenever anxiety started to peak, I would have a plan with those who I am closest with.

This article encourages you to share your thoughts and feelings with friends and families, making it easier to open up when needed.

"Mantra for anxiety: Anxiety is not you. It’s something moving through you. It can leave out of the same door it came in." - James Clear